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Fundraising Director

****All checks should be made payable to MN ATTACK****


Athlete name and team name should be on every order form!

Double check your order amounts and total dollar amount included before turning in!


Fundraising Begins: THURSDAY, October 26,2023 - Pick up packets at tryouts (or start selling before from our online forms!)

Fundraising Ends: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2023 - Turn in packets to Coach Kroeber at all team gathering

Fundraising Delivery: MONDAY, December 18, 2023 - Pickup time TBD. Lincoln Community Center - 110 Fulton St. Mankato

(1) Fill out the order form with a pen- no pencils: You must fill out your name and phone number on your sellers form in the space provided.

(2) Include your team name in the space provided; (Puffins by your name).

(3) Complete the form! You must total up your sellers form to include total amount of each item sold. Double check the total amount of dollars collected for each person and the subtotal of amount sold on each form. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MATH and make sure the cash/checks handed in match the amount on your forms.

(4) Keep fundraising money separate. If you are doing more than one fundraiser do not combine the money into one check. Puffin’s is one check, Pizza is another check, etc. We do not accept coins, bills and checks only (Checks written out to MN ATTACK).

(5) Return all forms with money on the turn in date, December 1, 2023. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT LATE ORDERS.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and thank you for doing your part to make this fundraiser a success!  Please mark the delivery date on your calendar and make sure you remember to pick up your order!

2023-24 Fundraising Opportunities

MN Attack will offer 3 optional fundraisers to go towards the individual player fee. The total amount earned for the athlete will be deducted from final payment due in January. If the athlete earns more than her remaining balance, a refund check will be given.

Fundraiser               Date Due          Expected Delivery    $ Earned/Item

Puffins                                   Dec. 1           Dec. 18                        $5/item

Heggies Pizza                    Dec. 1           Dec. 18                        $5/item

Koozie/Tumbler Cup    Dec. 1           Dec. 18                         $5/item

Please contact Coach Kroeber with any questions regarding our fundraising opportunities.

Kevin Kroeber
MN Attack Volleyball Club Fundraising Director