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Fundraising Director

10/28/21 5pm
If you have picked up a cookie dough packet you will need to discard the "Bakery Fresh"  catalog. The prices for cookie dough in the Bakery Fresh catalog are at a higher price than the "Today's Favorite" catalog, so please only use the "Today's Favorite" catalog for your frozen foods and cookie dough orders. If you have already sold cookie dough from the Baker's Fresh catalog please email, text, or call Coach Kroeber at or 507-420-3760.
Again, please discard the "Bakery Fresh" catalog and only use the "Today's Favorite" catalog prices. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
I apologize for any inconvenience you may have acquired with this mix-up.


Kevin Kroeber

MN Attack Fundraiser Director


****All checks should be made payable to MN ATTACK****


Athlete name and team name should be on every order form!

Double check your order amounts and total dollar amount included before turning in!

2021-22 Fundraising Opportunities

MN Attack will offer 3 optional fundraisers to go towards the individual player fee. The total amount earned for the athlete will be deducted from final payment due in January. If the athlete earns more than her remaining balance, a refund check will be given.

Fundraiser               Date Due          Expected Delivery    $ Earned/Item

Puffins                                    Dec. 3       Dec. 21                     $5/item

Frozen Foods/Cookie    Dec. 3      Jan. 20                      $5/item

Tumbler Cup                        Dec. 3      Dec. 21                    $5/item

Please contact Coach Kroeber with any questions regarding our fundraising opportunities.

Kevin Kroeber

MN Attack Volleyball Club Fundraising Director 


Tumbler Cup - $15, athlete earns $5/cup

Puffin Order Form

Cookie Dough/Frozen Foods Flyer